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  Here at Custom Intelligence Training we would love the opportunity to help you during any part of your ever growing and changing relationship with your pet!   Our services range from helping you choose the right breed for your family and lifestyle, to finding a responsible breeder, rescue organization, or humane society, and choosing the right personality within the chosen breed - all the way to behavior prevention, behavior modification, advanced behavior counseling options and In-Kennel training. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about services or options that may not be listed.

Puppy Selection Counseling :  Are you thinking about adding a new puppy or dog to your family? Let us help you narrow the choices and choose a breed that will best fit your family life style, activity level, time commitment level, and size restrictions! Worried about allergies? There are still options! Wanting to meet a certain breed before "taking the plunge"?  We can help! We have many breeds that have come through our training programs that welcome visitors for a meet and greet!   

           Looking for a certain breed? Choosing a responsible breeder is a large task. Let us help you find a reputable breeder that fits the criteria!  After locating the right breeder, we can help you through the process of puppy selection process also. Choosing the right puppy can make all the difference. All within the same litter of puppies , you can have one that is more outgoing, one that may be shy, one that may be rambunctious, or one that may be just right! During the selection process, an in-depth personality assessment can be done with each puppy, helping us to choose just the right one! 

Puppy Pre-School :  Preventing behavior challenges is always easier than fixing them later! Behavior Prevention is our main focus during our "Puppy Pre-School" classes. We focus much of our time on positive reinforcement and exposing puppies to many of the events they may encounter later in life, showing them the right way to respond and react. Some of the topics included are : Grooming, nail trims, car rides, other dogs,  the sweeper, stairs,  vet visits, crate training, and proper potty training!

Puppy Kindergarten : For our older puppies that aren't ready for the next class, just yet!  We continue to expand on positive reinforcement , behavior prevention, and start to focus on correcting any behavior concerns! Some topics include : Continued potty training, crate training,  we start basic commands such as Sit, Down, and Come as well as basic house manners.

Basic Obedience :  Basic obedience is open to all dogs over the age of 6 months.  We cover tasks including : Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come, Entering and Exiting  Doors (nicely!) and basic behavior modifications. Each lesson has time set aside for problem solving, and trouble shooting for each individual.

Advanced obedience :  Advanced Obedience is open to any dog that has finished The Basic Obedience class. We continue to expand with some time spent as a refresher, and continue forward to off leash work and distance learning.  Advanced handling  technique is learned, and in-depth learning styles and problem solving skills for each handler.

Tracks and Trails! Coming soon - Summer/Fall '17!! Open to any previous graduates with basic obedience knowledge. A weekly group style class for fun and refreshing group contests and exercise!  Weekly outings to fun locations !