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On December 28th 2016 we said goodbye to our sweet boy, Speck, at the age of 15,  his body aged faster than his spirit. It is never easy to say goodbye, even when we know its their time. We will always remember his sweet way and gentle spirit.

Melissa Bannister - Head Trainer/ Owner

Certified Canine behavior Modification and training specialist


Custom Intelligence Training owner and head of training , Melissa has been training for almost 20 years. As a 10 year 4-H member, she spent eight years training three of her personal dogs and countless others through the dog training project. She participated and received many awards in Obedience, Agility, and Showmanship handling competitions. Melissa also participated in the AKC breed ring, showing both sporting and working breeds and participated in the Junior Showman competitions.  

Melissa now spends some of her extra time volunteering and working with local 4-H dog training groups, helping with training, and judging responsibilities  - always remembering that without adult volunteers - 4-H could not be what it is today.  " I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for 4-H" - says Melissa.


After graduating high school in 2003, Melissa attended Triple Crown Academy (now know as Starmark Academy) in Hutto , Texas, where she became a certified canine behavior modification and training specialist. Later in the fall of 2005, Melissa accepted the invitation to attend National K-9 School For Dog Trainers located in Columbus Ohio where she again became certified in the Master Trainer Program.   

Melissa is one of the very few students to attend both schools and hold certifications from both locations.

Melissa now holds certifications in all types of training such as Basic through Advanced Obedience and Agility - Competitive and Non-competitive. Advanced Behavior Modification techniques, Puppy selection imprinting and socialization, Puppy Temperament Testing, Puppy Pre-School, Group and Private Lessons, Breed Characteristics and Temperaments, Support Dog training for the disabled, scent detection, Tracking, and Utility Training.


Currently Melissa Owns 2 Dogs -

Amelia 4/21/09 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Is by far the most spoiled of the bunch. Enjoys being a lap dog and finds joy in nothing more than being my shadow and laying wherever I come to a stop. She also enjoys traveling back and forth to "grammy and pappys" house where she visits Ella who is also a cavalier.

Elliott 4/2/16 Golden Retriever - we call him our bull in the china shop -  he doesn't know his size or speed. A sweet soul of gold who knows no stranger. He loves showing in AKC conformation shows, and is continually working on his obedience skills.  You can usually find him by my side, or watching his 2 human pint sized brothers. Known for his lack of food motivation and hate of dog treats - this boy works solely for a "good boy" and a pat on the head.




August of 2014 we said our final good bye to our sweet golden girl - Kina.   There will never be a replacement for her in our hearts. She lives on with us in all of our many memories of her and our adventures.